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carolina legal associates, legal, placement, temporary, permanent, temp, perm, staffingCarolina Legal Associates can provide you with qualified temporary or permanent legal personnel ranging from clerical, law clerks, legal secretaries and project assistants, to paralegals to attorneys.

You, the employer, may request our qualified personnel on a temporary basis for short-term assignments, ongoing projects or on a Temp-to-Perm status if you are seeking to fill a vacancy on a permanent basis.

Carolina Legal Associates assumes responsibility for the total advertising and recruitment, interviewing and selection process of all employees. Carolina Legal Associates also accepts all personnel and payroll responsibilities and workers' compensation coverage while the employee is on our payroll. All of this adds up to valuable time and money saved by you, the employer.


Our Permanent Placement program allows clients the option to take employees on their payroll immediately. Carolina Legal Associates extensively screens all qualified candidates and schedules interviews per client request. The client is responsible for a placement fee. A guarantee is offered on all permanent placements.


Temporary staffing personnel are supplied to the client on an "as needed" basis. The client dictates the days, hours of service needed, and testing or criteria required for the position. Temporary and/or supplemental staffing is best utilized for a heavy caseload, legal research, ongoing projects, vacation, and medical, maternity or military leave coverage.


Carolina Legal Associates has a staff of attorneys, paralegals and other support staff who are available to work for you without any long-term commitments. We can provide you with a cost effective means of responding to your immediate staffing needs while obtaining substantive expertise in specialized areas of law. Our legal personnel are treated as independent contractors which saves you costly overhead such as payroll taxes, health and pension benefits and vacations. You can also generate significant profit by billing the contract attorney or legal assistant's time at your standard rates.


Our Temp-to-Perm program offers clients the flexibility needed in today's economic environment to fill a vacancy with the most qualified candidate. Employers know how difficult it is to fully assess a potential candidate until he or she has worked for you. This program allows you to observe and evaluate prospective candidates and to see the potential employee perform in your work environment with co-workers before making a decision as to whether they meet and satisfy your requirements and performance criteria. At any time you may request a replacement.

Once you have had the opportunity to evaluate the employee for a specified period of time on our payroll, and you and the employee decide to make a permanent relationship, we will make the necessary arrangements.

At this point there will be no additional charge. All applicants are extensively screened and interviewed by our company in order to ensure that you receive only those candidates with the highest academic and professional credentials.




Our Permanent Placement program allows applicants to be placed on the employer's payroll immediately. Fees Are Paid By The Employer - There Is Never A Fee To Applicant.


There are numerous advantages of working for Carolina Legal Associates on a temporary basis for individuals who are seeking a permanent position. Some of the advantages are:

Experience and Exposure - Carolina Legal Associates works primarily with law firms, corporate legal departments and governmental entities. Therefore, we can offer you increased exposure in areas in the legal profession that you may not have considered or did not previously have an opportunity. Because we meet with you personally and evaluate your qualifications and skills, we can assess the best positions for you based on your experience and interest.

Keep Job Skills Current - By working with Carolina Legal Associates on a temporary basis while searching for a permanent position, you will continue to enhance your job and communications skills, which is important in this ever-changing legal profession.

Flexibility - Without having to make any long-term commitments and by accepting only those positions that are convenient for you, you will have the flexibility to continue to interview for permanent positions.

Generate Income - While continuing your job search, you can generate income to assist with meeting any current financial obligations you may have. Remember, there is never a fee to you to work with Carolina Legal Associates. Our clients pay for both temporary and permanent placements.

EEOC Statement: We offer equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, age, marital or veteran's status, sex, national origin, disability or any other legally protected status.

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